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The place where I live

I live in Barcelona, the city is located in the north-east of Iberia. It has a population of 1.000.000 people. It’s the second biggest city of Spain. Barcelona is great for visiting museums. The tourist visit the “Sagrada Familia” ( the holly family church). It's a modernist huge church. Its most popular street is the “Ramblas” with the harbour at the end of it. The weather here is perfect, in summer the tourist can go to the beach and play which the sand. In the winter it can be very wet, because the dea is near. Barcelona is famous for the “Escudella”, it is a typical soup. There’s festival in April, it’s “Sant Jordi”, on the 23rd .But I think the best things about Barcelona are the parties and the tourist of different countries. I like living in Barcelona

Núria Iglesias Ferré
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