Social English Class.

Roads in Barcelona

Barcelona has a ring road .Next to the coast is Ronda Litoral and the mountain side Ronda de Dalt.If you want to visit the south coastline you can go by C-32 or Autovia Castelldefels (this one is free).This year all the roads around Barcelone is forbidden to exceed 80km.This one does not avoid the traffic jam that everyday you can found.If you want to go to the north coast you must take B-20 this one goes next the sea but it finishes in the Maresme coast before the most beautiful area the Brava coast. Then, you must take the national road and across all the little ,nice towns that you will found .The other possibility would be to visit mountain area on the northwest . You have several roads, the highway A7 ,A2 and the other main roads: NII, N340 .You must chose your route until you arrive to the Pirineos the most beautiful natural area from Catalonia.Toñi-Gema.

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