Social English Class.

The great companies with economic problems!

That it suffers and sadness gives the great companies me, that lie as always on the economic problems,as they change the situation to say that they do not leavbe the accounts to him,saying that they do not generate income and the truth of all this she is that behind there is another lie more, in the first place they rise the pays ( Managers, Directors...)Where this the Crisis? Secondly they continue making money, in production and manufacture; Instead of 10millions they gain 5millions but theu say that they lose 5millions, thirdly do not do without don´t mention it,good houses,cars,resturants of luxury,hotels of luxury...and as always the worker is the one that leaves harmed without being no guilty.It is necessary to give him thanks to all the great industralists who manage the great big companies,THANK YOU TO DECEIVE TO US AGAIN!


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