Social English Class.

Not only tecnology has changed

Our life has changed a lot the last 20 years. Perhaps you don’t remember that the technology was a world where  we had always thought with future but expensive for us in that moment. You had  to save money to be able to buy a compact disk, a television, or a computer. I only have seen a mobile telephone in the films. The last 5 years this mean has gone at top speed.

But it is not the only think where the life has changed. Nowadays the culture, the politic, the families, all is different.

In 1989 it had  been a scandal to watch a woman’s breast on tv in a family show. To talk about the problems of young people has other meanings .The “botellón” and design drugs has being changed for the heroine. Only convicts and legionaries wore tattoos and just the masochist the piercings.

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