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I'm Critian

My name´s Cristian. It´s a German name , but I'm Spanish and I live in Barcelona , a big city in Catalonia , I live with my wife and my children . I am 32 years old , and I have a  physical education University of Zaragoza degree.

Now, I'm studying 
physical exercises program   . It's  two years to finish .

I have  short and dark
hair , my eyes are  green and my skin is white , I've got an  athlete body.

I think I'm a positive person , serious , sensible with character and friend of my friends .

In my free time I love walking with my wife and having a coffee with a muffin in Starbucks coffee ( Barcelona )
but I'm my free time when I'm alone I like reading  books written by Eduard Punset and other 
American authors .

Best wishes .


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My name´s Cristian. It´s an German name , but I´m spanish and i live Barcelona , a big city of Catalonia , i live with my wife and my children . I 32 years old , and I´m Postgrado University Zaragoza .

I´m stud program exercise physique . I ´m two years for finish .

I´m short hair and dark , my green are eyes and my skin white , i ´m body a athlete .

I think i´m positive person , serious , responsible with character and friend a my friends .

In my free time i love walk with my wife and have coffee with muffin in starbucks coffee ( Barcelona )
but free time i like read books Eduard Punset and authors American.

Best wishes .


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